Baker County Commercial Properties and Income Properties

Baker County Commercial Properties and Income Properties offers some great investment opportunities for Commercial Real Estate.  The downtown of Baker City has a strong business district.  There is also commercial real estate available in Sumpter Valley and in Richland Oregon as well as Haines.



For a small Oregon town of just under 10,000 people, Baker City is rich with tradition, and unexpectedly offers up many different choices for commercial real estate. There are many commercial opportunities here, for a city that is not even seven square miles in size that carries an elevation of 3443 feet. Commercial real estate opportunities are open in all areas of the city, including the downtown historical district and outside the city, but within the Baker County boundaries.

The city of Baker City, resting on the Oregon Trail, was established in 1874, and at the time was considered the primary social center, having the largest population in Oregon during that era. Gold mining was big business back then, and the city came about to support the gold mining communities in the area. Along with the gold mining business support, the folks still needed to let loose when time allowed. Because of this, the businesses were pretty wild with saloons and dancing girls.

In today’s world, the community has not grown too much, and things are much quieter with the excitement of gold mining no longer the draw. Along with its much more modern businesses, the city still recognizes those earlier times of its heyday, with unique and interesting areas in the city including a nationally recognized historical shopping district. Businesses and industries seek out the area because of its standard of living, infrastructure, accessibility, and competitiveness in business.

Baker City offers those interested in developing business in the area several business assistance organizations such as an economic development department, enterprise growth initiative, and small business development center. The largest industry in Baker City, Oregon is the service industry followed by retail trade. The top manufacturers in the area are wood products, the cement industry, livestock equipment, and pool and playground equipment, with the top office and professional businesses being an electric provider, an accounting firm, and a computer consulting firm. The top service companies are a hospital, retail groceries, and discount retail.

The commercial real estate in Baker City, Oregon is broken down into four different areas – Baker City’s Downtown Historic District, all other commercial areas in Baker City, Baker City industrial properties, and properties that are within Baker County, but outside of the Baker City limits. It is then further broken down by square footage – 1 – 5,000 square feet, 5,001 to 10,000 square feet, 10,001 to 15,000 square feet, 15,001 + square feet.

Available commercial real estate properties in the area are office condominiums, office buildings, shopping center units, industrial buildings, warehouses, schools, hotels, and even castles. For anyone looking to open a new business or transfer an existing one, this is the place to do it with so many different properties available, and a very good standard of living and business competitiveness.

Looking around the area of Baker City, Oregon for available commercial real estate, you will find what a great opportunity this is for any new business or relocation of one. It’s an area rich in history to entice many visitors to the area, yet what keeps people there now is the transition to a modern small town with a great cost of living and accessibility. Call a local realtor or visit the internet to see the choices that are available to you.

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